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White Widow – Strain Review (White Widow Man)

White Widow

White Widow

OK, I have White Widow here, with my review. Let me start by saying that White Widow was the First Strain I ever tried. With that being said, WW takes time to learn how she likes it. I found her too be extremely sensitive to any Nutrient I feed her. Then I came across a nutrient called DNF – Dutch Nutrient Formulas. Now, Its strong still but feeding at 75% of the recommended feed by the Manufactures standards ( on the bottle ) she WW, seams to flourish allot better, with bigger yield than the Average white Widow would give you. So stick with that, and I’m positive you to can grow White Widow.

Her smell is divine, also the taste is one of the nicest tastes I have encountered. She is extremely Potent also, If grown correct, With the Sativa blast and the touch of Indica, Makes this one of my all time favorites. Rich in THC, at a content of 19%, and higher. Eye opening experience to say the least.

I recommend this Strain to the More experienced grower, as its in the ” More Difficult Grow Category ” at least to me.

White Widow

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