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Despite objections, medical marijuana ordinance in Muskegon moving forward

MUSKEGON, MI — Despite objections from medical marijuana caregivers, Muskegon’s proposed medical marijuana ordinance has the support of commissioners who put off a formal vote on it until next month. Most of about a dozen medical marijuana caregivers and patients who attended the Muskegon City Commission work session earlier this week objected to the proposed […]

Colorado lowers medical-marijuana patient fee to $15

   Medical-marijuana patient fees will be dramatically lowered to $15 annually beginning early next year, the state board of health decided Wednesday. In a 7-1 vote, the board lowered the $35 fee patients pay by 57 percent to $15. The change is mainly due to the fact the registry’s state fund has made more than […]

Live Oak, CA Takes an MMJ Nosedive

Live Oak, California has banned the cultivation and dispersion of medical marijuana via the Court system, for now. With the nearest functioning dispensary two hours away, patients like plaintiff James Maral are now waiting for redemption in the dry dust of lingering prohibition. Maral is living with compartment syndrome, which is life threatening, as well […]

Greenworks SD: Cyclone Slimer

  Here is another Greenworks SD video with mostly the Slimer Recyler from There is one shot of the Chragers bubbler we have with additions done to it. by

NugMag: Live and Direct with Erica Newell

  NUG Magazine interviews Erica Newell from the Stephen Marley Band. We catch up with her and talk to her about touring with the band and her work with the wailers. She has been working with the Marley family for years. Check out her music as she lets us know her plans for her own […]

Strain Reviews: Goji OG Wax

  Sup yaw, you asked for it so we got one for you, a wax review. In this video, Vader OG returns as we review Goji OG wax.  Watch these guys take big dabs with one of the most expanding hits we ever encountered.  Come by Greenworks SD and let us know what you think […]

Strain Reviews: 619 Saturn OG

This video we hit some 619 Saturn OG flowers from Greenworks SD. This is a nice OG that is reminiscent of the older OG’s that used to be around when I first started smoking OG’s. This strain has a good fuely smell associated with top shelf strains and the hit is just what I am […]

Strain Reviews: 619 Triangle OG

  Here is another strain from GreenWorks SD that we are lucky enough to try out. From the Southeast area of the US come 619 Triangle OG. This strain is said to be the original Kush OG strain. The smell that you get from breaking open this lovely bud is a strong fuel/citrus smell that […]

California Supreme Court Throws Out Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban Case

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release: August 23, 2012 California Supreme Court Throws Out Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban Case As Moot High Court prohibits municipalities from using Pack v. City of Long Beach to ban dispensaries Los Angeles, CA — The California Supreme Court dismissed review yesterday of an important appellate court ruling affecting medical marijuana […]

Strain Reviews: Casey Jones Concentrate Review

Today ZeroBrand and iBlazeTreez Take a look at the Famous Casey Jones Concentrate, This blonde moist concentrate is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid that will get you going! Named after the Famous Train Engineer, It only makes sense this Strain was named after him, Especially considering it’s a TrainWrek x Thai flowers! Hope you enjoy the […]

Strain Reviews: SmashBerry OG Review

Today iBlazeTreez comes into Strain Reviews, for his first review with ZeroBrand! Today they take a look at the Smashberry OG, A cross between Blueberry OG and Purple Kush, this Dense Indica, has the reminiscing smell of Crunch Berrys with a kick that pleases the patient! We apologize for the sound quality, Will improve!   […]

Strain Reviews: Mocha Jack

Today ZeroBrand takes a look at the 619 Mocha Jack, A Beautiful Jack Herer Crossed with and unknown Mocha strain! This bud has a beautiful orange tint, and a nice Sativa kick! Great for Mornings, or before a long day of work!       -Nuggs SR Publisher by

Strain Reviews: Toro & Karma Scene Glass Review

  Today marks a new day in Strain Reviews, This is our first viewer glass review and many more will be coming soon! The Concentrator contacted ZeroBrand with the interest of getting his glass collection reviewed online. Plans were made and it has happened, This is the first of many Glass Reviews From The Concentrator […]

Strain Reviews: Ogre Wax Review

Today at SR we have 2 Editors Zero, and LG Take a look at some blond Ogre Wax! With a hit that is smoother then expected and a sugary citrus flavor. This hybrid feels more like a Sativa that will get you up off the couch and doing something productive! Enjoy and remember to check […]

Strain Reviews: Jedeye Glass Review

  Today, 2 of our senior editors, Cannabis Chris and ZeroBrand, review some beautiful glass. This wonderful Charger colored rig was blown by A local glass blower by the name of ” Jedeye ” He doe’s wonderful work and we are glad to of gotten to review this 3 hole diffused tiny rig! With a […]

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