Monthly Archives: October 2010

San Diego Weed Review #25: DJ Short’s Blueberry

Here is the famous DJ Short’s Blueberry strain that was grown real well from Green Works SD. The bud looks like a bunch of fingers sticking out of it and would you look at those trichs. This urb hit real smooth but can get you if you hit it too fast or hard. This strain […]

San Diego Weed Review #20: Louis XIII OG

This is a very good OG strain that is smooth in the bong with a great sweet taste. There is a similar strain called the Obama OG that is going around down in San Diego as well. Louis XIII OG – A nice hybrid that won’t knock you out unless you smoke too much. I […]

San Diego Weed Review #24: Han Solo OG – Green Works SD

Here is a great top notch strain. The Han Solo OG can be packed fat and has a nice delayed choke. This stuff burns excellent in my bong and the smoke it produces is outstanding. I would love to have this strain in my personal jar at all times. It smells sweet but hits hard. […]