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DEA Raids

MURRIETA: Feds raid cannabis club

Federal drug agents and Murrieta police officers raided the city’s only medical marijuana collective Thursday. “I’m the only one who didn’t have a gun pointed to my head,” Eric McNeil, director of…
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Blackberry Kush - Strain Review (DanGreen)

Blackberry Kush – StrainReviews.Net Blackberry Kush – StrainReviews.Net Blackberry Kush – StrainReviews.Net Blackberry Kush &#8211…

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Green Works SD: The Works Budder

Green Works SD: The Works Budder Here is some video of Green Works SD’s budder they just started to carry. The golden trichs smell like candy. Dispensary Information: Green Works SD 3990 Hicock St. San Diego CA 92110 (619)…
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Super Sour D - Strain Review

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid… 75% Sativa 25% Indica Lineage: Sour Diesel x SSH Price: $60 an 1/8 Grade: A++ Nug Description: Trichome heavy, dense dark green nugs. This batch had some nice big nugs and a lot of medium sized nugs. The hairs on these nugs were really…
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Sputnik 2.0 review (DanGreen)

Lineage:Genuis x P75 X Genius X P75 X Blackberry X Ak47 Pheno type: Medium to tall with large top buds Family:75% Sativa 25% Indica Origin:Subcool/TGA Seeds Region: U.S. Indoor Maturation: 8-9 weeks Outdoor Maturation: 60 days Sex Possibilities: Female Stature: Classic Tree…
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The Cali Connection - Get Connected!

The Cali Connection is is a Premier Seed Company created by some of the Best Breeders in Cali. Just met up with Swerve from the Cali Connection and chopped it up for a bit. He def knows what he’s doing with his projects and  He brought down some of his Elite Genetics…

Green Works SD Grow Class!

I started Nuggetry SD (now known as Green Works SD )in July 2009 and quickly found a big demand for knowledge with my collective members. A lot of people wanted to grow their own Meds but didn’t really know how to go about it. So i decided to host a FREE Grow class so…


Nuggs is the founder of  Strain Reviews ,  HydroCanna.com as well as NUGGETRY SD, the premier cannabis collective  located in east San Diego. Nuggs has been actively growing since 1997.  While growing for major Collectives in Los Angeles He started Hydrocanna in March of…

HydroCanna.com - The Growers Community

Hydrocanna.com is a great forum about Growing Marijuana . But that’s not all we do here , we talk about Breeding,  seeds , hydroponic techniques , light systems , marijuana Strains , Medical Marijuana, politics,cooking,hash,edibles  and everything else related to Medical…
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Purple Sticky Punch - Strain Review (Nuggs)

Purple Sticky Punch ( PSP) is a very unique strain I created from a Purple Afghan x Chem Dog Male I’ve been breeding with . Its a very fast plant in all stages of growth . It can veg really fast and finish really early. Ive cut down a test plant at 6 weeks and its been…

Strain Reviews Contributors

Are you interested in becoming a Contributor on Strain Reviews ? then this is the start. Please register as you normally would and email me at nuggs@strainreviews.com so that we can talk about what you plan to review. Every review will be edited according to the SR staff so…

Strain Reviews is live!

Strain Reviews is a review site that will be doing reviews of all Marijuana Strains from seed to flower. that’s right , we are going after the growers side of reviews.  You’ll be able to read on How it grows , is it stretchy , does it get branchy , are the nodes…
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Medical marijuana headed for tighter oversight in state

he state Senate on Tuesday gave final legislative approval to a bill that sweeps medical marijuana into the state’s strictly regulated recreational system. Now, the bill heads to Gov. Jay Inslee. Sponsored by Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, the measure would phase out…
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Despite objections, medical marijuana ordinance in Muskegon moving forward

MUSKEGON, MI — Despite objections from medical marijuana caregivers, Muskegon’s proposed medical marijuana ordinance has the support of commissioners who put off a formal vote on it until next month. Most of about a dozen medical marijuana caregivers and patients…
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Colorado lowers medical-marijuana patient fee to $15

   Medical-marijuana patient fees will be dramatically lowered to $15 annually beginning early next year, the state board of health decided Wednesday. In a 7-1 vote, the board lowered the $35 fee patients pay by 57 percent to $15. The change is mainly due to the fact the…